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… When is Lana Parrilla coming back?

Lily Sparks is back with the most important question of all. (x)  
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What do you look for in other people’s writing?

I look for their segways, how they transitions things. I have a difficult time going from scene to scene, especially when it’s my original story.

I, also, look for theme’s. For fanfiction, to know how the characters and how they work and how their world works. For my own story, I do it so I don’t copy them. I want my own tones and universe separate from anything else. 

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authorjazmyne Ask:

What do you love about your writing?

I guess I love my ideas the most. The development of a story. The planning of how I want it laid out. I feel like that is the most creative part. I think of context, do outlines, draw characters and outfits, and everything. 

That is my most loved thing about my writing.

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♪ - How do you decide on your muse’s dialogue? 
♕ - What are 5 writing tips you’d give to beginners? 
✏ - Why did you choose your muse? 
☆ - How did you go about getting a grip on your muse’s character? 
♎ - What is one thing you love about your writing? 
✾ - What do you look for in other people’s writing? 
✕ - What would set you entirely off roleplaying with someone? 
✄ - Three phrases you use too much in your writing? 
★ - Wild card: whatever else you want to ask. 

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I could watch that first gif for the rest of my life.

#sharon #your mary is showing

Our fluff may be fluffy but she is sneaky and good at her job. Bad Ass Marshmallow Fluff.

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And again, your silence in the matter of my wife is most telling. Do you believe I should not have allowed her to remain with the horseman?

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lana + fan gifts

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Got the job at Game Stop! Hallelujah!


I am really excited. I start Wednesday. And hopefully I can leave my other job (that I hate) and get into Walmart or something.

On a different note. My brother is getting married to someone I definitely consider a friend and can’t wait to have as a sister.

Today has been interesting. 

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Tumblr on November 1st

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Fight like Sarah.
Love like Cosima.
Hope like Alison.
Dare like Tony.
Believe like Helena.
Aspire like Rachel.
Strive like Beth.
Trust like Katja.

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I just don’t know what to do
I’m too afraid to love you (x)

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things i’m fucking stellar at:

  • procrastinating
  • having really bad posture
  • wishing i was rich
  • never hanging up my clothes
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BAMF skills: lesson 1

the bamf lean, as demonstrated by Sharon Raydor